Benjamin Sears workshop

We are delighted to welcome world-renowned instructor and mentor Benjamin Sears to Bikram Yoga Essex on 22nd October 2017.

Ben will lead a 4 hour workshop beginning at 10am. Up your skill to turn effort into grace. Learn how the Bandhas (energetic locks) apply in your Bikram Yoga practice and find peace within the intensity. This is not about hotter, harder and longer, but about empowering you with information. The workshop begins with detail and laughter and concludes with practice and application.

Studio Manager Jackie Bass says...

"The first time I booked a Ben Sears workshop, I didn’t even know who Ben Sears was… I didn’t even know what a WORKSHOP was!

I’d only just taken up yoga and I was off to NYC on holiday, when the new girl in the office spun around and told me I HAD to attend this brutal sounding three hour long class… also known as… the infamous workshop.

THREE HOURS? I was a 90 minute girl, max! How was I going to cope with that? But off I went, walking through Greenwich Village with my yoga mat rolled under one arm and Starbucks cup in hand, feeling every bit the quintessential New Yorker doing my every day New York thing.

Needless to say the three hours flew by. Chat, pose, chat, fall out of pose, chat about why you fell out of the pose, try again… The main beauty of workshops for me is that they always seem to draw people from other studios. People with stronger practices. And while we’re meant to “leave our ego at the door” I see nothing wrong with appreciating someone else’s practice and admiring the work they’ve put in. It’s something aspirational.

As I think back now, I remember seeing someone transition from a wide legged forward fold into a tripod headstand. I’ll never be able to do that, I thought. I took some tips from the girl before I left and these days I do that in my warm up. That’s the other thing about workshops, most yoga classes, especially the stricter Bikram format, don’t lend themselves to being able to ask questions during class. We’re kind of left to wing it.

Should my foot be here? Why can’t I get my elbows higher in pranayama breathing? WHEN will I be able to kick my leg higher? And the myriad of other questions that run through our mind despite the fact that we’re actually meant to have tuned everything out. THIS is what a workshop is for. Ask questions. Ask Ben. Have him demonstrate. Make new yogi friends. Improve your practice. If not today, then seven years later like I did. 

So that’s a rundown on workshops. What about Ben? And why was my first mission as BYE Studio Manager to one day have him teach a class here? I’ve had a lot of teachers over the years and most of the amazing ones would have been just at home as a circus contortionist as they would as a yoga teacher. You get the impression that they’ve never struggled. Ben has struggled. Check out his video on You Tube for the full story.

And of course the beauty of workshops if that they’re for any level. If you’re new to Bikram, brilliant! Iron out any bad habits before they take hold. If you’re more advanced then you’ll probably want to drill deeper into your poses and look to fine tune them. I’ve had a few people at reception assume this is only for the advanced crew – absolutely not! Everyone is welcome.

And lastly, my final piece of advice is that you’ll only get out of a workshop what you put in. Come armed with a few questions, think beforehand about the poses you struggle with most. Do your homework. And most important of all, have fun!"


Here are a few words from Ben on what the workshop will involve...

Book your space now- £50 per person