Yogi of the Month- Rachel Fletcher

Rachel Fletcher is our Yogi of the Month, having completed an amazing 590 classes since BYE opened.

She says "I came to BYE a few days after the studio opened, originally attracted by the amount of calories you could burn in a single class, little did I know how much more I'd benefit!

I purchased the Introductory Offer, with doubts about cleanliness of a sweaty carpeted room full of bodies and leaving a studio wet and dripping once the winter months came. After my initial Intro Offer, I purchased a 3 Month Unlimited package, still a bit sceptical about colds etc. After those 3 months I was hooked, BYE is one of the nicest and cleanest Bikram studios I've been in and my immune system seemed stronger, none of the sniffles seemed to develop into anything more.

As for the other sweaty bodies, they became friends as we developed a community, you know who you are team FROW and the many wonderful teachers who've helped me along the way. Another year of unlimited classes saw me get stronger and stronger and a little bit more flexible, but the greatest benefits I gained was self confidence. Anxiety was holding me back in many areas of my life, but as with my practice on the mat, consistent applied effort and present moment awareness helped me move forward.

My practise is a daily one, it's now part of who I am. The benefits are endless mentally, physically, emotionally and spiritually- long may they continue and thank you Billi and Steve for bringing Bikram to Essex and creating a studio that I'm proud to call my home studio. Namaste."