Yogi of the Month- Siobhan Purcell

Siobhan Purcell is our Yogi of the Month, having completed an incredible 410 classes since BYE opened.

She says: "These days I can’t imagine life without Bikram yoga. When I took my first class 2 ½ years ago I didn’t know quite what to expect but I loved it immediately.

I soon realised that on some level it is also a form of meditative practice, not simply a physical workout. Apart from experiencing changes within me, I am more grounded and connected to my body than ever before and it is transforming into a better model.

No matter how my day or practice has been, I always leave the studio feeling grateful, happy and planning my next class. What attracts me most to this practice is the constant opportunity to learn and develop and each class brings something new.

Everyone has the potential to change, regardless of his or her body shape, health or abilities. If you are thinking of joining rest assured that you will feel welcomed and supported by the excellent teachers and your fellow yogis."