Why the heat?

Hot Yoga is practised in a safe environment of a heated room as this allows the muscles, ligaments and joints to stretch deep without causing injury (also aids the healing of existing injuries). It detoxifies the body by opening the skins pores to let out the toxins in sweat; thins the blood to clear the circulatory system; increases the heart rate for a great cardiovascular workout.

Do you have to be flexible?

This is one of the most common misconceptions of Yoga. You do not need to be flexible to practice yoga. It’s all about stretching your body and spine. With practice your flexibility will increase. The amount of improvement depends on your frequency of practice, your effort during practice and your own body’s capabilities.

I have never tried yoga and/or I am out of shape. Is Hot Yoga for me?

Hot Yoga is designed to meet your level of ability and fitness. In each class you will find a range of students; from beginners to advanced practitioners. You will see people of all ages, sizes, shapes and abilities.

How many times a week should I practice?

When you first start Hot Yoga, we recommend daily practice so your body can adjust to the heat and learn to perform each posture correctly. Keen Hot Yoga practitioners attend class around 5 times a week. Unlike other forms of exercise, it is not necessary to have a “resting day”. If your schedule does not allow you to come at least three times a week, try to come as often as possible.

What should I bring to my first class?

Your Yoga clothes, two towels (one for class and one for the shower) and water (Towels can be hired and water can be purchased from reception). Mats can be rented but you are more than welcome to bring your own. You will sweat a lot during your class; we provide showers and changing rooms.

Do you have changing rooms, showers and locker facilities?

Yes, we have changing rooms for ladies and men. Each has showers, and lockers for you to keep valuables in whilst you practice.

Unfortunately, our lockers are not compatible with the new £1 coins and the mechanisms are becoming jammed. To solve this issue you can collect a locker token from reception.

What should I wear to class?

You will need to wear clothing that is close-fitting, breathable and lightweight. Avoid baggy clothing.

Women: Sports top (vest or cropped top) and shorts or fitted Yoga pants.

Men: Shorts or swim trunks.

How long is the class?

Bikram Yoga is 90 Minutes.

Inferno HIIT Pilates is 60 minutes.

Dynamic Vinyasa is 60 minutes.

Can I lose weight practicing Hit Yoga?

Absolutely! Hot Yoga’s primary purpose is not weight loss; however, with regular practice you will lose inches and develop strength, flexibility and balance and give your body a total work out. Many people accomplish their ideal body weight. The speed of your results is based on your physical condition, lifestyle and practice time. Remember- muscle weighs more than fat, so do not be surprised if you are not losing weight on the scales even though you look and feel lighter.

Does Hot Yoga provide a cardiovascular workout?

Hot Yoga provides a strong cardiovascular workout. With the combination of the heat and postures, they increase your heart rate, resulting in a challenging cardiovascular workout while testing your endurance, strength and flexibility. As with other forms of cardiovascular workout exercise, regular practice will aid weight loss and burn body fat, as well as developing muscle tone, strength and stamina.

Can Hot Yoga help my sports injury?

Hot Yoga has shown the ability to improve or heal a variety of sports injuries. From bad back, chronic knee problems to tennis elbow. However, we advise if you have any sort of injury please consult your doctor first and advise your teacher prior to your class.

Can I still practice Hot Yoga with a chronic health problem?

Regular practise has been known to reduce many symptoms of chronic ailments and diseases including back and joint problems, diabetes, asthma, arthritis, sleep disorders, digestive problems, tendonitis, skin conditions, and others. We advise if you have any sort of health condition please consult your doctor first and advise your teacher prior to your class.

I feel nauseous and dizzy while practicing Hot Yoga. Is this normal?

If you begin to feel ill, dizzy or faint try to sit, sip water, breath in and out through the nose and rest until the feeling passes. This is normal.Your body is adjusting to the heat and will need a few classes to adapt and your body will begin to cleanse itself as a result of the yoga.

Can I practice if I have a heart condition?

We advise that any person with a heart condition wishing to practice Hot Yoga that you consult with your doctor as to whether Hot Yoga is a suitable form of exercise for you. We will need a doctor’s note for confirmation that you are well enough to participate, before your first class.

Can I still practice if I am pregnant?

During the delicate and critical time of your first trimester we ask you to refrain from practising Hot Yoga. If you are pregnant and have never practised Hot Yoga before, we advise that you find a pregnancy Yoga class and come to regular Hot Yoga classes about eight weeks after the birth of your child. If you have had a regular Hot Yoga practice of no less than a year before becoming pregnant, we advise you to talk to your doctor and a senior teacher after your first trimester about attending regular classes. If you have had practise any less than this we advise you to join a gentler or pregnancy Yoga class. And you return to Hot Yoga  classes about eight weeks after the birth of your child.

What if I have high blood pressure?

Firstly, we would like you to consult your doctor before practising Hot Yoga. If he/she feels you are ok to practice please inform your teacher before practicing. Never practice alone or without the aid of a certified teacher. Don’t push too hard initially and use your common sense.

Use caution in the following postures until the blood pressure normalises:

  • Half Moon, backward bend
  • Standing Bow Pulling
  • Balancing Stick
  • Cobra
  • Third part of Locust (both legs)
  • Full Locust
  • Camel
  • Floor Bow

In the beginning only hold these postures for 5 seconds, building up to 10 seconds after 2 weeks’ continual daily practice. For the first few days if you are flexible enough to go all the way back in Fixed Firm pose, only stay there for 5 seconds also. Make sure that you rest in between postures. It is also essential to breath normally (in and out through the nose) throughout the class.

What if I have asthma?

Hot Yoga will be good for you in several ways:

  • The heat helps to relax the muscles and nerves.
  • The intensity at which you practice is up to you, appropriate for your needs.
  • It will relax your mind and let go of any tension, toxins and negativity.
  • If you feel you over exerting yourself please sit and rest.
  • Your lungs and heart are strengthened, improving our lung function.
  • In the long term you will be able to breathe easier and deeper.
  • We ask all Asthma sufferers to keep their blue inhalers with them when they practice.

Is there anyone who cannot practice Hot Yoga?

Hot Yoga is suitable for all ages and levels of ability above 16 years old (the ability to sweat is essential to prevent overheating). Always check with your doctor if you have a concern and inform your teacher prior to the class. You may have to modify your class where you feel necessary if you have a problem; however, all students should feel challenged in class.

The only times that it is not recommended doing Hot Yoga is:

  • If you are fasting
  • If you have a fever
  • If you are already doing an intense detoxification
  • If you are pregnant and have less than 6 months of regular practice of Hot Yoga
  • If you have had recent chemotherapy
  • If you have any questions please feel free to ask any member of staff. A teacher will be available for any questions before and after class.