Lost Property Policy

At Hot Yoga Essex we have a strict Lost Property Policy.

Personal/valuable belongings are brought to the studio at owner's risk. Hot Yoga Essex does not accept liability for the loss or damage to personal/valuable Items. Members are advised to place all personal items in the lockers provided and not leave them in the changing area. All valuable items that are found in the studio will be stored in a safe place. Please ask reception for more details. We ask all members to hand in any valuables found to the staff at reception.

Clothing and Other Items

Clothing which is found we will kept for one month. Hot Yoga Essex will wash any wet clothing which is found and will not accept any liability.


Towels which are found will be stored with 'Clothing and Other Items' and will also be kept for one month. Wet towels will be thrown away at the end of the day unless they are claimed.


Mats will be kept for one week if found.

If you have any questions please do not hesitate to contact a member of staff at reception.