Dynamic Vinyasa - What is Vinyasa?

The beginnings of yoga were developed over 5,000 years ago, so if you think you know ALL of the poses, think again!

While all of the classes on our schedule are listed online as “Dynamic Vinyasa” each of our carefully selected teachers will be bringing their own unique style to Hot Yoga Essex.

Unlike Bikram Yoga, where all of the teachers learn from Bikram himself, teachers learning Vinyasa have a whole host of world class teachers they can learn from, meaning that each of their styles differ depending on where and when they qualified, who they learnt from and their own personal passions and styles.

Flow simply means flowing from one pose to the next in a constant state of movement, bringing a more cardio dynamic to the practise. It’s not just all fancy circus tricks here, the poses go deep to stretch every single muscle, but if you’ve ever wanted to dabble with arm balances and headstands, then this will gently ease you into them safely.

All of our classes differ slightly, from the Ashtanga Primary Series to Core Power Yoga, there’s something for everyone. Try them all to see what pushes you to your maximum and don’t worry that you can’t “do” the poses. No one starts anything as an expert. Vinyasa moves your comfort zone that little bit further away, so come with an open mind and give it a go!

All classes are 60 minutes

Dynamic Vinyasa Classes