5 Reasons You Should Try Online Yoga

5 Reasons You Should Try Online Yoga

Life can be hectic and sometimes it becomes hard find time for our yoga practice. Physically getting to a yoga studio to take a class is often not an option for busy yogis. Still, it’s nice to take a class led by your favourite teacher isn’t it? That’s why Hot Yoga Essex has teamed up with Feel Hot Yoga to provide live online classes taught by some of our most popular teachers! We don’t want our beloved yogis to ever miss out on precious time on the mat- so we decided to bring yoga to you! Our on online classes can be accessed using your laptop, device or TV in the comfort of your own home, or anywhere with wifi! Here are five awesome reasons why you should give online yoga classes a try:

1. Practice according to your own schedule

There are classes available every day of the week so whether you’re a morning person or an evening owl there’s something for you. Our online classes come in a variety of lengths so you can choose one that appeals to you. There’s no need to miss out on your yoga practise!

2. Pick a class that suits you

Our body and mind are different everyday. One day you might feel like a high-energy Inferno practice, and other days you fancy something more restorative. With our online classes we are able to bring you an even greater range of classes to try.  Want to stick to the Bikram class you love that’s fine, but you can also try something new.

3. Connect with people

Because our classes are live there’s a chance to speak to other yogis or the teacher before and after the class.  In a world where we can sometimes feel isolated it’s great to have a chance to keep up with those friends you’ve made at the studio.

4. The world is your yoga studio

We’ve enjoyed seeing people join classes from a wide range of different places so wherever is good for you is fine for us.  As long as you have a good wifi signal you have the freedom.

5. Real class atmosphere and instruction

Alignment cues, inspiring instruction and the encouraging energy of a beloved teacher are all huge benefits to face-to-face classes. We capture as much of this magic as possible within our online classes.  Leave your cameras on to give your teachers a chance to see your practise and provide feedback.  Practicing at home can now be an immersive experience just like in the studio.

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