Billi Mucklow Yoga Teacher

Billi originally attended Bikram Yoga with her Dad, who had been practising for some time. She fell in love it almost instantly. It provided her with the complete, thorough workout and feeling of wellbeing that she had never experienced before. In fact, Billi was so taken by it that she began to attend classes almost every day for the next two years.  After a while it became clear to Billi that she didn’t want yoga to be just a hobby, but she felt it was something she would like to make a career out of, so that she could share with others the benefits Bikram had brought to her– both mentally and physically.

In 2011 she made the decision to become and teacher and completed her training in LA that year. On returning to the UK, Billi began her adventure of being a fully qualified Bikram Yoga teacher. Teacher training was an amazing experience which enabled her to gain much more in depth understanding of Bikram Yoga, strengthen her practice, gain a better knowledge of yoga theory and how to plan to teach and open a studio. Billi opened Hot Yoga Essex (or Bikram Yoga Essex as it used to be called) originally and although no longer running the studio, she continues to teach there whenever she can.