Natalie Nardi Yoga Teacher

Natalie’s yoga journey began as a child, often being taken to her Mother’s own class and joining in. Now she has completed two full teacher trainings to date: first with Paula Tursi, Reflections Yoga, New York in 2006, and another with Joseph & Lilian Le Page, Integrative Yoga Institute, Brazil in 2012. These days, Natalie is a 500+ hour Registered Yoga Teacher, with over 10 years teaching experience. 

Her background is classically Hatha but a more personal style has developed over the years, especially having worked and been influenced by several high-profile teachers.  She enjoys working slow, deep and methodically, often incorporating elements of Vinyasa and Iyengar. She is passionate toward more restorative styles and their deep healing effects but Natalie is also known for her popular fitness and heat charged yoga sessions!

Feel at ease in the calm grace of Natalie, empower yourself, be in the moment and enjoy the simplicity of what yoga is!